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Can you think of anything worse than finding a crack in a boat? Neither can we, this is why we began offering boat repair services to keep vessels as sea-worthy as possible. Ray Bryant Marine has the boat repair services that Auckland residents can trust, because we got our training and experience from years of practice.

Each member of our team has spent years working with boats and motors, giving them the ability to see everything that’s wrong with a boat with a simple inspection. After we find the source of the problem, we can suggest repair options that won’t just solve the break, but prolong the boat’s life as well. This kind of insight is a convenience that not many people have at their disposal, so take advantage of it as often as you can.

The best part of the Auckland boat repair services we offer is that we work hard to ensure that no one knows that there even was a repair. We’ll erase all signs of damage and reconstruction and make the boat look like new – even you will forget that there was a problem with it after we’re done.

We put a lot of our effort in making our repairs as invisible as possible, because we know what obvious repair jobs can do to the value of a boat. Would you pay top dollar for a vessel with obvious seal patches all over it? Of course not, past damage automatically means a drop in resale value, regardless of how well the repairs were done. This is another advantage of having our experience when repairing vessels.

If you’re looking for boat repair services in Auckland, there’s no one better than the people of Ray Bryant Marine Limited. Talk to us about any problems you suspect your boat might have, and we’ll send a team make a thorough inspection and provide an accurate quote.


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